Scientific excellence and innovation capacity through Artificial Intelligence in the field of Earth Observation on environmental hazards.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a major impact on many sectors and its influence is predicted to expand rapidly in the coming years. One area where there is considerable untapped potential for AI is in the field of Earth Observation (EO), where it can be used to manage large datasets, find new insights in data and generate new products and services. AI is one of the missing core areas that need to be integrated in the EO capabilities of the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ECoE). AI-OBSERVER project aims to significantly strengthen and stimulate the scientific excellence and innovation capacity, as well as the research management and administrative skills of the ECoE, through several capacity building activities on AI for EO applications in the Disaster Risk Reduction thematic area.


Within the scope of the project, AI-OBSERVER aims in

Upgrade and Modernization

Upgrading and modernizing existing department of Resilient Society, as well as research management and administration departments.

Environmental Hazards

Assisting the ECoE to reach its long-term objective of raised excellence on AI for EO on environmental hazards, such as:

Our Partners

Within the scope of the project, AI-OBSERVER aims for better future together with the partners

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